KM Mobile Solutions: Helping Businesses Improve their Operations with an Inclusive Enterprise Mobili

CIO Vendor Mobility is now regarded as a crucial element for businesses to attain uninterrupted operations. The rise of millennials in the workforce, growing employee demand for technology, flexibility and an increased need to focus on the employee experience have paved the way for mobility solutions that can disrupt traditional work processes and procedures. How ever, despite mobility securing and empowering today’s workforce with new opportunities, the deployment of these initiatives brings an equal number of challenges with respect to securing applications, providing mobile data access, supporting the remote workforce and providing a robust network infrastructure to support a seamless mobility experience. Acknowledging and addressing these concerns, Coimbatore headquartered KM Mobile Solutions endeavors to exploit the power of mobile technology to design and deploy secure mobile applications that can support the remote workforce across diverse vertical sectors.

Established in 2010, KM Mobile Solutions equips enterprises with both strategies and technology solutions for Enterprise Mobility, Web Technologies, Application Security, IoT and Cloud Enablement services. Having built its core competency in enterprise mobility, the company has designed mobility services for Custom Mobile Application Development, Mobile Application Management, Consulting and Mobile Security, to help organizations integrate and streamline their business processes to enable a step-change performance improvement. “Our focus over the last seven years has been to develop a clever suite of mobile applications that can exploit the power of mobile technology and intimately work with native mobile devices hardware and operating systems,” explains Gavin
Megnauth, MD- UK, KM Mobile Solutions.

In order to increase efficiency across enterprises through mobilizing and augmenting their operations, KM Mobile Solutions unique trade marked proposition is a field-force framework, “Smart Mobility Product Framework”, which comprises of individual components built on niche cutting edge technologies. As a SaaS modeled application, this framework has been designed to cater to multiple requisitions in a single application and to ensure the monitoring and efficient utilization of workforces to meet the ever evolving demands and job constraints. Some of the niche components of this framework include Spot sense (Location Intelligence), Body lens (Body Worn video), Smart shuttle (Smart Data Transfer), Mobile ALPR, Video Chat integration, Job Scheduling automation and Traffic Enforcement solutions. While Spotsense serves as an intelligent tracking solution to track field force agents on a daily basis, Bodylens is designed as an evidence management solution that facilitates accurate video and image capturing, identification of video capture location and secure data upload onto mobile applications. The company’s traffic enforcement solution also brings together multiple components to help traffic officers gain information and photographic evidence in the event of accidents and violations. These components have been short listed for the prestigious UK’s BCS (British Computing Society) Awards 2017 as they have been deployed to assist the UK’s law enforcement agencies.

Having catered to innovative mobility solutions across domains such as the Public Sector, Government, Healthcare, Education and Communications, KM Mobile Solutions has established a strong footprint in both the Indian and UK market. Believing that every IT strategy has to be supported by a strong operational strategy, the company has been fortifying its operations across the globe to create solutions that fit every business need. Further more, leveraging their business acumen and the technical expertise of a strong R&D division, KM Mobile solutions is set to expand across South-East Asia and the US in the near future.